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Archivio Ferrari

Vintage Handknit Red & Blue Mittens

Vintage Handknit Red & Blue Mittens

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Gorgeous and super warm pair of traditional Norwegian mittens or Selbuvotter, woolen gloves crafted in the small town of Selbu, Norway. "The Selbu mitten pattern dates back to the 1800s, and was originally designed by a young woman named Marit Guldsetbru Emstad. It's said she was only around 15 or 16 years old when she first made the complicated double-stranded pattern with its famous Selburosa, or Selbu rose." (source:

These vintage mittens are entirely handmade and crafted with a beautiful red, white and blue pattern, they are extremely warm and not itchy, perfect to keep your hand from freezing all winter long! Please note that the gloves are in perfect conditions, however an imperceptible rosy hue is visible in the bottom part, where the red decoration is set, probably due to the gloves being previously washed and the red tint leaked ever so slightly. This however does not affect the functionality of the piece in any way and is hardly visible once worn.

Please note that the gloves have been professionally dry cleaned and will come accompanied by a scented mothproof sheet to keep them as safe and gorgeous as they are now for the years to come.


Size S-M.


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