About Us

That’s amore!

“There once was an Italian girl with a passion for History and the past, who used to tell stories to her sisters and nose around, searching for the next best thing. She loved delving into life so much that she became an archaeologist; she was also fond of clothes, though. Two completely different worlds, so distant from one another that no one thought they could ever meet...”
If I had to write a short story about how Archivio Ferrari was born, I believe this would be a pretty good start.

That is how it all began, you know! The curiosity and the love for searching that fuelled my career as an archaeologist unexpectedly met my love for fashion and clothes: a fortunate blend that brought forth this original and exciting project. 

The mission
The goal of Archivio Ferrari is to search for vintage and second-hand clothes around Italy, select them with care, love and attention to details, so as to give them another life, another chance, another story, sending them to loving new owners all over the world.

 Attention to materials and fabrics

The idea of reusing and recycling, though, could not be feasible without a consideration for fabrics and materials: in the searching process I prefer to pick pieces made of natural fibres such as cotton, silk, linen and wool, whenever possible. Thus, the careful selection of clothing, which starts by taking into account the “aesthetically pleasing”, never forgets the “objectively high-quality”, always considering versatility and accessibility too.

 Vintage…but fashionable!

My intention is to debunk the idea that wearing vintage and pre-loved clothes means having an outdated style. On the contrary, through the careful selection of unique pieces winking at the latest trends, I aim to build a timeless wardrobe for my customers, a world where classic and modern style mix together.

 Slow fashion for a fast life

By buying at Archivio Ferrari, not only you can own an absolutely unique and special piece, but you can also help the environment through ethical shopping, thus giving a new life to often locally produced clothes. This means you will be able to contribute to waste reduction and take part in a virtuous cycle that will help fighting off the fast fashion industry. So, by getting a new purse, or a coat, or that lovely blazer, you are basically doing a good thing! How cool is that?! Let your shopping habits have a positive impact on the planet.


Who said that there is no soul in clothes? They have a story, they are alive. They can tell us something about the past, about who we were and who we want to be.